My Favorite Book Eassy For Matric & Inter Students

Book is not piece of papers and some of the persons just think that this is full of pages and once they read full book they just and then they throw into dustbin. Reading book is also hobby and some of the students who are above 25 years old and they want to research some topics that kind of students can read all types of books. In Pakistan, Old ages person whose age are too much in large number and they have too much free time at their routine that kind of persons read many books and some of the person have a hobby that they read only Horror movies.

I have many books in my cupboard and my hobby is that to read many books but if we ask about my favorite book that I will prefer only QURAN PAK. All Muslims who have a believe that this is last book and all Muslims who want to learn that kind of all persons start learning it because with the help of this book you can learn how to life. If we compare this book with all of the other General books then no Doubt this book has too much importance and every Muslims love this book too much. This is my favorite and if you want to know about their importance in my life is that all my other books are adjusted in my cupboard and this Holy book is always on my table and in a day we see this book and in my free time I recite this book with full of love.

Every person loves their books and they have strong reason that why they love books and they have also reason that whey they look after their book. My reason is that if I am not reading this book since last two years then seriously I do not know why we live without any support. With the help of this book, you can get all types of solution that is occurred into your life. I like this book very much that’s why I request to all people that recite this book in life at once time.

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