My Aim in Life / Doctor Eassy For Matric & Inter Students

I have many options for my life but I choose field of Doctor for my carrier. Every person has a proper aim and every person try their best to complete their dream but sometime luck is not supported with person and sometime person do not try work hard, my aim is that I want to become doctor and I serve my life for poor patient. My aim is that I create free hospital and I can treat all kind of patients without any cost. In Pakistan some of the diseases who are too much authentic and some of the diseases who are too much expensive and these kind of all disease are not affordable for every patient. I can do work hard for my aim. Some of the persons try their best that you disappoint your decision and you can take other step but successful person is that who do not disappoint and they can work hard and they give proper time to their field. This subject is too much tough but I work hard for this field.

My first priority is that I want to become hones and I live my life with full of honest and kind. I saw in my life that people do not distribute their amount to their relatives and my best part in my life is that I learn all things in my practical life. My aim is that I want to do all work for only poor students. Some of the students do not afford fees of education and they want to get education that kind of students try their best to collect some amount only for their education. I just want to do make social welfare in my life that works only for people who are orphan and they do not tell their requirements to anyone that kind of people can get all types of facilities that is not supported them too much but they can get something from my step.

As a Muslims, we have a duty that we do all works and we serve life for Allah.

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