Moon Soon / Rainy Day Eassy For Matric & Inter Students

Rain is blessing of ALLAH. ALLAH gives to much nature to human beings and all persons who love rain too much and all time they are waiting for rain that kind of persons enjoy today because today is rainy day. In the morning, weather is too much cloudy and some of the persons have a idea that rain will be on today but some of the persons have a mind that only storm and clouds cover whole duration. All types of person and especially little students who are too much happy for that day.

All types of animal and plants are too much waiting for rain. Now summer season is on its peak position and every person wants rain and most important thing is that farmers who do too much works in field and they want rain because condition of water is too much rough. With the help of rain, all types of seed and different types of plants who need water and some sunlight that kind of all trees enjoy a lot due to rain. All types of persons take bath from water of rain. Every house tries their best to bake some special food for only rainy weather. All types of birds who want to get water and due to high temperature they do not find water that kind of birds can get water due to rain.

When rainy water touches flowers of roses then it look likes too much beautiful. All types of students and workers who are in their offices and colleges and when they see rain they just come out to their school and office and they just enjoy rain. In this day I went to my street and then I played different types of games. Some of my friends made different types of boats and some of my friends made toys and then they we play in water. In that day we take eat too many foods and in that day we play games at the last portion of my house. It is very pleasant day and after sometime, I changed my clothes

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