September 26, 2020
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Today we are going to talking about Mining  Engineering so first of all let’s talk about this field in general and after this we will take look on its some benefits and also scope of this field in our country.

Overview of Mining engineering

Mining engineers design safe and efficient mines for removing coal and metals mining engineers optimize mines for removing resources in the most efficient manner possible. They ensure that as much is the resources as possible is extracted. Mining engineers often specialize in a particular mineral or metal , such as iron coal some time collaborate with geologist to find and evaluate new or ore deposits others develop or improve mining equipment or manage processing operations that separate and refine minerals mining safety engineers implement best practices , conduct mine and equipment inspections ,monitor , air quality , and ensure compliance with all safety regulations to keep workers safe

Most mining engineering degree program are offered as the bachelor’s , master’s and doctoral levels  . some institutes have it as a specialty within a general engineering or geology program. Geology ,physics, chemistry ,environmental studies ,mathematics and economics are the fundamentals of mining engineering studies . course work can include rock fragmentation and mechanics , mine design , mine ventilation , surveying , mineral processing and resource law here are a few of the educational possibilities related to mining engineering:

  • Geological engineering education
  • Bachelor’s degree in geology
  • Top engineering schools

Scope of mining engineering

Mining engineering is an engineering discipline that applies and technology to the extraction of minerals from the earth. a mining engineer  may manage any phase of mining operations from exploration and discovery of the mineral source , through feasibility study , mine design , development of plans , production and operation to mine closure . students  studying  mining  generally get placed in core mining sector mining engineers are in demand in gulf countries basically oil development countries like Saudi Arabia , UAE, Dubai ,Qatar, Kuwait these countries have hubs of crude oil petroleum and others a mining engineer hired by any (private or public sector) . company usually has to perform , technological intervention in  different prospects of mining such as mineral discovery , mineral determination , surface mining and blasting , planning for mines tunnels and shafts , integrating knowledge of geology

Institute which offers mining engineering

Here are some famous institutes which offers mining engineering . there are many institutes offering the degree of mining engineering but the bests are listed below

  • University of engineering and technology (Lahore)
  • Nation l university of science and technology (Islamabad)
  • Iqra university (Islamabad)
  • Muhammad Ali Jinnah  university (Islamabad)
  • Bahria university (Karachi )
  • Institute of business management (Karachi )
  • University of Karachi (Karachi)
  • Pakistan institute of engineering and technology (Multan )
  • Government college university (Lahore)

This is some general information about mining engineering. Education is not a problem education is an opportunity.