Manjaanbazam Cadet College Admission 2022

The admission of MANJAANBAZAM Cadet College for the session 2022 has been announced. Students who want to join Cadet College for best discipline and skills that kind of students click the link and apply for the cadet college. Mostly students do not know about the facility and the environment of cadet colleges. If any student wants to visit the cadet college that kind of students click the link and see the gallery and different highlights of Cadet College. The Cadet College announced the admission of seventh, eighth and ninth class. The cadet college announced that admission will be based on the medical test and written test.

Manjaanbazam Cadet College Admission 2022

Test system

The cadet College merit is based on different tests. They do not accept any previous result record. They think that they take personal test and then they find precious students for the better future. Now, this time if any student got admission then they become the army officer after 4 to 5 years. Now we discuss about the test.

Written test

  • The written test is full of concepts.
  • Every student has not too much ability to pass this examination that’s why the Cadet College uploaded the different model papers and past papers for the students.
  • Students download the past papers of Cadet College.
  • In the past paper, all kind of multiple choice questions of different subjects like Math, English, Urdu, General science are included.

Medical test

  • The medical test round is conducted after the written test.
  • Selected students give the medical test in the hospital.
  • If any student has any problem in hear, ear, leg, arms that kind of students are not eligible for the test.
  • After the test, students submit all the original documents of their degrees.

How to apply

  • Online registration form is available on the page and site.
  • Students first read the complete instruction and then they submit the form online.
  • Students do not pay the fee at the time of registration.
  • They just pay the fee at the time of written test.

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