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Die Technology Scope, Overview

Die Technology is an important field now days. If you are interested in this field that is you are looking for getting knowledge of its technology as you think that your future may be good in this field then you are absolutely on the right track. But some of you obviously think that there is no any future in this field as they have listened about it, but have you read about it somewhere or you are saying it as it is? Well you don’t have need to think but it, although just read this article so that you may know the fact and if you have interest in this field then you must join it without thinking anything.

Well die is a specialized tool and now here is question that has risen in your mind that what is the use of this tool? Well it used in manufacturing industries to cut or shape material.  It mostly uses a press. Those products which made with dies range from simple paper clip to complex pieces that are used in advanced technology. There are multiple components of die and if you are going to learn about its technology then you must check its each component and just try to read about each component that how to use them? Well there is bit definition of each component is written so you can read it too.

Die Block: It is the main part that all the other parts are directly attached with this part likewise it is the back born of die components.

Punch Plate: It used to holds and supports all the punches in place.

Blank Punch: It is used to produce blanked parts that holds blank die.

Pierce Punch: It is used to removes parts from the blanked parts that holds pierce die.

Stripped Plate: It is used to holds the material, (the material that down on the blank die or you can say pierce die).

Pilot: It is used to place the sheet accurately.

Shank: It used at the last stage that is used in the pressed.

Well these were the components of die technology now here is question that you have in your mind that what kind of benefit you will get from its technology? So here is wide range of its technology that there are several government or private industries that want experienced technicians of die technology so if you have much experience then you are absolutely able to get a good one job in which you will earn handsome money. Well here you are thinking that how much you will earn after getting job in any industry so here its salary schedule is given that is a general schedule so let’s take a look on it.

  • Die technicians salary was $15 per hour in 2007.
  • Die technicians salary was $19 per hour in 2010.
  • Die technicians salary was $23 per hour in 2014.
  • Die technicians salary was $27 per hour in 2017.

it is the basic starting pay and you can earn more than $51 per hour if you are experienced technician of die technology.