LUMS National Outreach Program Scholarship 2022

The national outreach program is one of the best think those types of students who have not enough money to learn their education. The University of lums national out program provide such types to students free education who have not enough money me to continue there study. In our country many students who want to learn in higher education but they have not enough resources to pay their fees for that type University. From the program of national outreach program the candidate take maximum benefit for their education. The national outreach program give the student 100% scholarship and other money for their expenses.

LUMS National Outreach Program Scholarship 2022

Criteria for this program:

  • Minimum 80% number in metric for O level exam
  • Related with the poor family
  • Now the step of national outreach program are below;

First step:

First think ok you send your application for national outreach program when you student of the intermediate. Who student came here in 2021 for summer coaching session then they must be eligible for admission in 2022. further more information about the admission check from the official website of LUMS

Second step:

University of LUMS calling the candidate before 2 weeks of coaching classes. This session is arranged in summer vacation. All the expenses of transport and other will be give by the LUMS.

Third step:


University of LUMS pay the registration fees for one time for those candidates who can pass the coaching session. But only those students are eligible for this type scholarship related to to the poor family. Expenses given by the LUMS for that type students.

Fourth step:

LUMS admission forms;

When the candidates who pass the coaching session. then that candidates must be opened the website of LUMS and find the admission form. Then type all the information on admission form. The students who you must be passed in all the eligibility criteria given by the University must be have the scholarship of NOP LUMS.

The date of national outreach program:

=The candidate who want to to send their admission for scholarship in LUMS must be send their admission before 16 March 2021. If someone late from the due date then there is no another chance to send their admission form for the scholarship in LUMS.

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