Lines Paper | Cursing Writing Lines | English Handwriting Paper

4 Lines paper help children or new learners to understand how to write different letters in specific height and position. Such paper is also called Ruled paper. Ruled paper is a printed lines paper for the guidance of handwriting . It helps learners to learn how to write letters in certain height and position. For example “c” is written in second and third line of a 4 lines paper. Lines on the paper are usually printed in light color.¬† It is used for Cursive writing. Though Cursive Writing is a writing in which letters are joined which help to write faster.

4 lines paper guide learners to easily grip on handwriting. Lined paper helps to improve English hand writing.

Here is a Lined paper in JPEG format

English handwriting paper

Specifications of English 4 lines Paper 

  • 1cm margin bottom , top , left and right
  • After Each 4 lines 2.0cm line spacing


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