Libraries Eassy For Matric & Inter Students

A library is a room in which a lot of books are stored. The library is the cause of progress in any society. Libraries are usually built in large colleges and universities. But some large schools also have libraries. There are many benefits to building a library. It has been generally observed that teachers benefit the most from building a library. There are many other benefits to building a library that teachers as well as students can benefit from. In Pakistani society, it is generally observed that the student is less inclined towards the books in the library. This may be due to the fact that students do not have much time because they are spending their time completing their current education. Our school also has a library.

The library is built on a spacious room. This room was built by our school a few years ago and has now been converted into a library. A librarian named Abdul Sattar has been appointed to handle this narrator. Abdul Sattar is a very noble and experienced person who looks after and protects the library and its books very well. When a student needs a book, he has to go there and write his name and take the book with him. When the student finishes reading the book, he hands the book back to Abdul Sattar and leaves the library with his name cut off. In our school, students usually visit the library and read different books during leisure time.

The best thing a Library is that you can get any book you want from here whenever you want. To get the book, we have to make a card and cut it out and get a book which we have to read and return to the librarian within the stipulated time. If a student spoils the book or it explodes or the book is lost, the book is fined for that knowledge.

Every student has different mind. Some like books on science and some like on history while some like to read books on Islam. I like to read books on Islam and history and I often read these books. Usually I go to the library two to three days a week and read these books and sometimes I go home with one of these books and return it within the stipulated time after reading it completely.

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