Lahore School Of Law Admission 2021 Eligibility Criteria

The Lahore School of Law has brought good news for a student who wanted to enroll in LLB after completing his primary education. The Lahore School of Law, which is one of the best quality educational institutions, has been run by the University of the Punjab with a five-year LLB program. The Lahore School of Law is an excellent institution for students who want to enter the field of advocacy after completing their primary education and were looking for a suitable institution for the LLB. The Lahore School of Law offers you LLB program as well as many more.

The student is being informed that the number of seats in Lahore School of Law for this program is limited seats, so he wished the student to submit his knowledge only as soon as possible. Lahore School of Law Education Films which is one of the world class schools with good experience has been working in Pakistan Society for years. Regular practical’s have also been arranged for the students where they will be able to do their practical work regularly along with their course. In such an educational institution, you are regularly given practical work under the supervision of good lawyers, as students not only study but also gain experience in advocacy. Admission criteria and admission instructions will be given to you below.

Lahore School Of Law Admission 2021

Eligiblity Criteria of LLB admission

Advocacy is needed in a country like Pakistan. All the student who, after completing his intermediate degree, is looking for a reliable degree who can find him as soon as possible and benefit him as soon as possible. The best of them is LLB degree. One of the special benefits of LLB which is being conducted by this program, is that no student needs more marks to enter it. There is not much competition for admission in LLB due to which aspiring student can easily get admission by getting suitable marks.

Candidate should have minimum Intermediate or A level or equivalent degree in which he should get at least 50% marks.

Candidates must have passed the Law Admission Test recently

Take three pictures with background as well as two photocopies of father’s ID card and two photocopies of student’s ID card.

It must be accompanied by a domicile of candidate

Forged documents of any kind will not be accepted and any student using forged documents will be prosecuted by the institution.

How to apply:

You can download the online application form for admission to the LLB program or you can go to their admission office to get the prospectus.

You have to submit all the documents before nightfall. The Lahore School of Lawn did not announce an additional date after the deadline.

Features; highly qualified and committed faculty which includes graduates from a world beyond The law schools, experience lawyers and retired judges of superior  court of Pakistan.

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