Lahore Garrison University Admission 2022

Lahore Garrison University Graduation courses admissions detail get online free right now. Visitors were asking about this institute, so you are welcome here. We are going to discuss about it in detail. Before starting our article let us inform you that the entire information provided on this page is collected by our own self. There can be something miss but we are aiming that everything will be efficient. Now we will start and will check out each course admission criteria.

How to Apply

How else don’t know about it that Lahore Garrison University is a private project and a non-engineering institute. Where it is non-engineering institute, so you don’t have need to appear in any entry test. Just simply visit University admission office and get admission form.

Admission form

In previous paragraph we were at admission from, so admission from will be quite simple although they will advise you that how you should fill that admission from. Anyways even if you will have complete guidance from them but you have to visit again and again if you will miss any document detail at your house.

Documents Detail

Well there are few documents which will be ready because they will either check out these documents or you have to put these documents detail on admission form.

  • Secondary Class Result Card
  • Intermediate Class Result Card
  • Applicant CNIC or B-Form
  • Applicant provider CNIC
  • Quran Hafiz Certificate (If you are)

Admission Criteria Course by Course

  • To get admission in BSCS you are required 55% marks
  • To get admission in BSSE you are required 60% marks
  • To get admission in BSIT you are required 60% marks
  • To get admission in BS Psychology you are required 55% marks
  • To get admission in BS Basic Science you are required 55% marks

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