Jazz/Warid Monthly SMS Package Detail Online Free

Jazz is the broadband network in our country. It provide wide range signals. Jazz was the first network in Pakistan that was introduced. Jazz has maximum customers in our country. Jazz is best for offering new packages. Jazz has strong position satellite system. Jazz company is providing best services to its customers from the beginning to till now by giving best offers to its customers. It was the first mobile operator company in our country. Jazz is most famous network in Pakistan. Jazz is a communication network that access provider through different channels to customers. Jazz provide every facility for communication to its users. Jazz is one of the favorite networks in Pakistan because it is first Telecom Company here. Jazz is the highly rank network in Pakistan and most using telecom network so it has different offers.

Jazz has huge number of packages list. It also gives low price internet as well as SMS monthly and weekly packages. It gives new packages as soon as possible so that it stables the number of Customers. Jazz deliver best offers for its customers. Jazz offers such kind of packages that has less price and maximum duration of call so anyone connect to their friends to their beloved people. Jazz and warid is now one network of communication. Jazz is the best packages network in our country. Jazz is now offering the free minutes for both Warid and jazz to jazz customers.

Telecom Network Jazz
Subscription code *101*1*02#
Package Data 10,000 SMS and 1 GB whatsapp Internet
Unsubscription code *101*4*02#
Package validity 1 Month
Activation charges Rs. 48

Now in this article i will tell you the monthly package of jazz which contain free WhatsApp also with SMS. Jazz has many packages of SMS and it is also best for regular customers of jazz. Jazz is the best telecom company in our country. Now it offer monthly SMS package with free WhatsApp data. You can visit our website to get more information about packages of jazz. I hope you will get much information after visiting our website.

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