Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle Detail Online Free

All the codes and the month bundle package details are available on the page and the site. The Company of the Jazz is the big network in the Pakistan. Million of the customers are the users of the Jazz network. In the survey of 2021, mostly people like the network of the Jazz Company, every person say that their calling rates and the messages rate are too much less. The best thing is that this network announced the Hybrid bundle. The hybrid bundle means that all the packages of the messages and the calls are included in one subscription code. In the Pakistan every person subscribes the code and then they enjoy the specific package. With the help of the Hybrid package the person enjoy the whole services like calls, messages and the Internet MBS. The Jazz network company announced the latest package for the customer. All the details of the packages are available on the below of the page and the site.

With the help of the site and the age the person directly subscribe the code without any cost.


The Jazz company announced that if any person download their application and the people register on the application the all the people got the RS 50 free balance in their account.

Hybrid package details

The new Hybrid package is that

  • 1GB data of internet
  • 10000 Free minutes from jazz to jazz network
  • 50 extra minutes to the other networks
  • 1000 messages to all the other networks.

Package description

With the help of the package the customer does not do any other package because this package is enough for the month. In the whole month, customers download the data and the documents in the month.

Subscribe code

  • If any customer wants to do the subscription the package in their SIM card that kind of the customers dial the *430# and then they enjoy the package in the whole month with some cost.
  • The people just only do the 500 rupees load and then they dial the code.

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