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The test pattern and the schedule and the other information about the ISSB for this session have been announced. if any student wants to appear in the examination of the ISSB in this session that kind of the students must apply for the registration before the last day. The ISSB test is necessary for the jobs of the officers. The Pakistan army and the Pakistan navy and the Pakistan air force are appointed the officer by the ISSB test. The ISSB test is not too much tough but on the other hand the ISSB test is full of conceptual and the skillful test. Million of the candidates are applying for the registration and million of the persons gave the examination but some of the persons are not qualifying in the initial test. There are four tests are announced by the ISSB. And this one test is the initial test for the ISSB.

Subjects marks and the pattern

Three types of the test are announced by the ISSB

  • One is the Psychology test
  • Second is out door test
  • Third is Testing program
  • In the psychology test the further tests are conducted like the
  • Intelligence test
  • Mechanical test
  • Personality test
  • Verbal or the non-verbal test
  • The ISSB only gave the short timing for the multiple choice questions.

Eligibility criteria

  • The eligibility criteria of the ISSB test is that
  • The students must have the degree of the intermediate
  • The students must have the degree of the matriculation
  • The students must have the degree of the graduation
  • The students must have the age between the 18 to 24 years old
  • The students of the matriculation and the intermediate can also be apply
  • If any student does not have the degree of the intermediate and the matriculation then they bring with them the complete and the detail result sheet of the previous examination that are approved by the recognized institute.

Compulsory ISSB for the Job

The ISSB is necessary for the job. If any person does not appear in the ISSB test then they do not have any relation with the officer job or the posts.

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