Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) Duplicate Bill Check Online Free Download

The duplicate bill of the Islamabad Electric supply Company for this month is available. If any person wants to get the bill online they enter the reference number into the box and then they enter the month and then they right the 4 digit code that are mentioned on Due to some reason the electricity bill is not reached at the owner house. The IESCO announced the facility of the online billing this year and most of the persons are facilitating through this site and the page.

How to download

Mostly persons do not know how to download the electricity bill. In the Pakistan the ending dates of the month like the 22 to 25 the bill distributor person distribute all the bills to the homes and the offices and sometime the bill is not reach in the desired home. The IESCO announced that if any person does not receive the electricity bill after the 25 date that kind of the person opens the site or click the link of the site and they enter the reference number and then they got the duplicate electricity bill. The banks and the other amount collectors departments accepted the duplicate bills.

Issues For The Electricity Bills

  • In the Pakistan mostly issues are occurred at the time of the bill distribution.
  • In the villages and the other cities the owner of the house and the employee of the office are not in the home or the office and they do not receive the bill. This problem creates many disturbances in the whole system and the all the persons blame that the bills are not distributed in this month.
  • Due to the other clashes like thunder storm and the public holidays and the other cultural and the holy holidays the bills are not reached at the proper time and the date.
  • Due to covid-19 mostly cities are locked and in the lock down the mostly persons and the office managers and the other persons are download the duplicate electricity bill and they pay it through the online banking.

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