How to Get Study Visa for Norway from Pakistan 2022 (Forms, Fee, Consultants)

Students who want to get admission in Norway, they have great opportunity to apply for admission in next session. Well first if you want to get admission in Norway then you must collect complete information. There is unique way to apply for admission and surely you will require visa to go there. Well we will talk about it in detail so all of you must read each step.

Why Get Admission In Norway?

It is the time to change yourself to get success in your life. World is moving toward new technology and if you are not learning about new technology then you are wasting your time. Norway institutes are best to make your future bright. There are nine specialized institutes and almost twenty-four university colleges in which you can get admission. All the nine institutes are best ranked institutes in the world of higher education institutes.

Step One Getting Acceptance Letter

Well in the first stage you will select one institute and ask for acceptance letter. Next steps will start when you will get acceptance letter from that institute in which you will apply for admission. Each institute has online option and visitors have open access to ask for acceptance letter. Once enrolled in an institute, they will send you an acceptance letter. Your program will be decided earlier at the time when you will ask for admission.

Step Two Accommodation detail

Accommodation is the basic requirement for foreign students. You must get it form that institute in which you want to get admission. You must also have a proof that you have got a place to stay in Norway.  It is necessary for you to have place where you will stay during study period. This proof is also to be submitted along with acceptance letter and other documents to get Norwegian student visa.

Apply for Visa

Candidates can apply for admission at the time when they will get acceptance letter. Take a thing in your mind that is you must apply for visa as soon as possible because with the passage of time seats will getting covered and you can fac problem.

There must be several documents which will be required to apply for visa. All these documents are listed below. Make sure that all the documents are clear otherwise your admission can cancel out.

Visit any nearby Norway Visa Application Center or visit self-service site and create your profile

  • Fill the application form and submit it with its fee
  • Your Passport
  • Two Passport Size Pictures (Background must be White and Black)
  • Your B-Form or CNIC if you are above eighteen-year-old
  • Father CNIC and Family Detail of Candidate
  • Acceptance letter received by the institute
  • All previous passed out courses certificates (Secondary and Intermediate)
  • Accommodation proof in Norway
  • Bank Balance Sheet or status of candidate
  • Bank Statement from your Norway bank account

Getting Visa Process

They can take at least 90 days in delivering your visa. If once you will receive your visa, you can go to Norway to attend your class. Make sure that you are going to Norway on right time. If you will be late in attending classes, then you can face problems by the institute in which you are going to continue your study.

What to do after reaching at Norway

First, you will visit nearby police station and will inform police officer about you. You will give the complete statement that is why you are here and what kind of course you are studying and how many years or months you will stay here. You must give statement that if you will involve in any illegal activity then they will have rights to depot you. This process will retrieve at the time when you will finish out your degree. At the time when you will come back, you will visit the same police station and inform them that you are going back to your country. Candidates cannot stay even a single more day after expiring their visa. Anyhow you will have one moth relax time in which you will sum up your university work.

Working Criteria

Candidates who are going to get admission in Norway, they will have option to do work in the decided time. You can do work at least twenty hours in one week. You will not be allowed to do work more than 20 hours. In fact your route will also predefined and you will always follow it.

This article finish here and now if you want to get any other kind of information then you can ask it to us by leaving a comment below. Anyhow visitors of this site can also learn the procedure of applying for student visa in US, UK, Canada or any other country.

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