How to Get Study Visa for Australia from Pakistan 2021 (Forms, Fee, Consultants)

Getting admission in Australia is the biggest dream of those candidates who are sensor with their carrier and want to do something best in their life. Having dream of getting admission in abroad is best thing ever in your life. When you are going to get admission in any abroad country then how it can happen that you will not select Australia.  Here is biggest problem that is they don’t know the simplest way of applying for admission. Here in this article we will discuss about how to get student visa of Australia and what will be the complete process of getting your student visa in your hand.

University Letter

Well first you will select any institute in which you want to get admission and will apply for acceptance letter. It will be your first step as if you don’t have acceptance letter, embassy will not issue student visa. If you want to get student visa, then you must verify that you have gotten admission and you will surely do study in Australia.  It is the reason of getting acceptance letter before applying for visa. Each institute provide online form and by filling that form you can apply for acceptance letter. In that form they will only measure your previous classes result to. If you will be eligible and will have qualified marks the they will send you acceptance letter within one month. Be careful while filling admission form as it bases on your admission and will leave effect on your admission process.

Applying for Visa

Have you gotten your acceptance letter? Then apply for visa in hurry. Your first step has been completed and now it’s time to apply for visa. You can visit any nearby embassy where you can apply for visa. First thing that embassy will do will be your acceptance letter and if you have acceptance letter of any institute located inn Australia then they will provide you a form and you will fill that form. We are not mentioning visa fee as each embassy will have different rate so when you will go there, you will automatically come to know the fee of visa.

Documents Required for Visa

  • Your passport in original and a copy of the photo page. The passport must be valid at least 6 months after the entry to Australia
  • A filled in visa application (see the embassies’ website)
  • Visa application fee
  • 1 passport photo
  • IELTS test result with required band
  • Proof that you have access to at least 150,0000 PKRS
  • A return ticket within one year
  • Proof that you are insured during your stay in Australia
  • A one-page description, in English, of what you will do in Australia
  • A health certificate filled in by your doctor

Visa processing Time

When you will select, your visa will go into further process where they will design your student visa. It can take three months so you have to keep patience till three months and if time has been exceeded over three months then you must visit that embassy and ask for the problem that why you don’t get your visa till now.

IELTS Requirement

To get admission in Australia it is compulsory for you to pass IELTS test. It is because you will only meet with English teachers who will only speak English and will deliver lecture in English language. If you can’t speak or understand English, then how it can possible that you can understand what your teacher is saying to you. IELTS test is not much difficult and you can pass it easily by getting admission in its classes. In previous years, six bands were required to get admission in Australia but for now may it is the same or may have been changed. Well you will come to know when your IELTS test result will announce.

Financial report

Getting admission in Australia is not easy because you must make sure that your parents can afford your tuition fee. It is the requirement of getting visa that you will show your ban statement in which you must have at least 150,0000 and this balance must be same till you don’t pass out your degree. You can show the bank balance of anyone who will support you

Working Report

Candidates can do work 20 hours in one week. You can’t exceed your working timing and you must keep focus on your study too. This working hour will hep you to meat with your living requirements but you cant afford your total fee with that working payment so if you don’t have enough sources to afford your fee then try not to apply for admission. Institute admission cell will allow you to do work till you maintain your degrades but if once you will get lo marks, they will not allow you anymore to do work even a single hour.

It was the basic information which we have been provided to you. Moreover, you have o show your character report and you will meat with nearby police officer to inform then that why are you here and how much time you will stay there.

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