How to get Student Visa for USA from Pakistan 2022 (Forms, Fee, Consultants)

Do you want to apply for US student visa and still don’t know the process? Well its not much difficult. We will talk about it in detail and after reading this article you will be able to apply for US visa. Well students of our country are dreaming to study in abroad. Now when you are going to do study in any foreign country then how it can happen that you will not give prefer to US? Well you can go but here is complete process from where you will pass out to get your study visa.

Visa Types

Well when you are going to apply for visa the you must have how known about it that there are three types of visa. Candidates can select anyone and can apply on it. F-1, M-1 and J-1 are visas. Before going below dot forget to read about these visas. Its price will be 200 US Dollar.

F-1: candidates who have passed intermediate exams and want to get admission in higher educational course, they will apply on F-1 visa. Candidates can apply on both under graduation and post graduation courses. Its price will be 180 US Dollar

M-1: it is special type of visa which is designed for special students. These special students are those who want to do any short course which nonacademic courses will be. Means to say any training course related to your degree which you have passed from Pakistan etc.

Surely there are several brilliant students who don’t want to waste their talent. J-1 visa is for those candidates who will get scholarship from any abroad institute of US. (Candidates are required to pass scholarship test from that institute in which they are going to continue their study). Its price will be 35 US Dollar.

Acceptance Latter

Candidates having wish to get admission in any US school will apply for acceptance letter. It has simple mean that is first you will select out from institute and then you will apply for visa. Once you will apply for certificate or acceptance letter, your eligibility will measure out by the institute and you will get following thing mention below.

Once admitted to a school, you’ll receive one of two forms: F-1 and M-1 students will receive Form I-20 (Certificate of Eligibility for Non immigrant Student Status). Those candidates who will apply for J-1 visa, they will receive Form DS-2019 (Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J-1) Status).

Applying process

After getting acceptance letter from school, you will apply for visa. Candidates can go to nearest US embassy to apply for visa. Each embassy will have their own requirements and you must fulfill all those requirements to get your visa. There are few necessary documents which you are required at any cost.

  • Visa Fee
  • IELTS (6.5 band required)
  • Your Valid passport
  • Visa Application Form
  • Passport Size Pictures (5 or more)
  • Original Previous Documents of study
  • Other Original Documents
  • University Acceptance letter
  • Bank Statement
  • English Language Certificate
  • Medical Test

Study & Working Hours in US

Candidates who will successfully go to US to do study, they will follow few rules otherwise they will downsize from their school. Students are required to maintain their marks in school exams. Submit each assignment on due time. Try not to involve yourself in any illegal activity.

Where you are bond to maintain yourself for study, so you will also have opportunity to afford your academic fee. Each student can do work after taking class, but you must follow working rules which are designed for foreign students. Remember these rules are subject to change and each School might have their own rules.

  • 20 hours working in one week
  • Five-day work in one week


You have to keep in touch with that embassy from where you applied for visa. They will take your interview at any time and will show their rules to you. Candidates will be requiring bringing all their certificates along with them at the time of their interview. There are few things which they will surely ask to you and these are the conditions by the Government of US.

  • Sufficient funds
  • leave the US once your program end
  • security check
  • Lack of Original Certificates at the time of interview
  • Apply for a US student visa too late

Visa receiving Process

After applying for visa and attempting interview, your visa will come to process. It can take 90 or more days. You will receive any call when your visa will be ready. You can also make continues contact with your embassy to ask about your visa or any other kind of question.

This will be one of the most important condition that you have to come back to your country. Candidates have one-month relaxing time in which they can sum up their school work after completing their study or course in US. If once your time has been completed, you are required to come back as soon as possible otherwise you can face a problem which can create problem in your study life

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