How to Get Student Visa for South Africa from Pakistan 2022 (Forms, Fee, Consultants)

Candidates who have wish to study in abroad, they would like to get admission inn south Africa. It is fact that universities of South Africa are well raked Universities. Getting admission in these institutes could be the dream of many from you. But all of you are already aware of with this information that there is a process of getting admission in any foreign institute. Well you are required few things which will help you to get admission in that institute in which you want to study. This article is all about this information. Now you can start reading process.

Acceptance Latter

First you need an acceptance letter which will issued to you by that institute in which you are going to get admission. The process of getting acceptance letter is quite simple. First you will apply for this acceptance letter online. You will receive an admission form I which you will put your complete required information in correct format. After submitting that form, institute admission management will measure your merit and if once you will hit that required merit which is compulsory to get admission, they will issue you acceptance letter.

  • Acceptance Latter is Not Enough to Get your Visa

Acceptance Letter Fee

When you will apply for acceptance letter, they will charge fee for it. Almost 70 Dollar will be study merit fee. Candidates are bond to submit this fee otherwise they will not get any replay from that institute in which they will apply.

Visa Detail

If once you have received acceptance letter from that institute in which you did apply for admission, you can apply for visa. First you will submit your study permit and required documents. After that your eligibility for visa will measure out. You will also face an interview in which they will ask few major questions related to your personality, study etc.

Documents Detail

Follows will be required documents which you will attach with application form. All these documents must be original as if there will be any illegal or incorrect document then no only your admission will cancel out, but you can also face fraud case.

  • Visa Fee
  • Your Valid passport
  • Visa Application Form
  • Passport Size Pictures (5 or more)
  • Original Previous Documents of study
  • Other Original Documents
  • University Acceptance letter
  • Bank Statement
  • English Language Certificate
  • Medical Test

Medical Test report

Those candidates who are suffering with any major medical problem, they are not allowed to take flight so they can’t go abroad. TB test and your skin X-Ray reports will be check out and few more major reports.

  • the glasses must not be colored
  • there must be no reflection in the glasses
  • the rim must not cover any part of the eyes
  • chin, forehead and both cheeks must be clearly visible
  • shadows on the face due to the head-dress are not allowed

Visa Processing

After applying for visa, you must wait while your visa attempts the entire processing steps. It will take at least 90 days after within 90 days you will have your visa in your hand. Where is the question of visa fee so it lend to change and each embassy will have different rate. At the time of visiting on any embassy,

Those candidates who are going to apply in 2022, they will pay USD 50 service charges per application. Service Fee must be paid online, and you will pay it at scheduling time. without pre-payment of the service fee, you will not be able to secure an appointment.

Step first in SA

When you will finally reach at South Africa, first you will go to nearby police station.  It is necessary for you to inform them that you are going to live in their area, and you will define everything about you by showing your documents, visa and study permit letter. This process will retrieve when you will leave South Africa. If nearby police station will not have your biodata, they can create barrier in your way, and you will face some problem so must do this job at first.

Work During Study

Well first they will check if you can afford your tuition fee or not and the they will issue your study visa. This is because not all the students can do work during their study period. So if they are not going to do any work then their parents will afford their tuition fee. Well those candidates who want to do work, they can surely do work but for just a specific period. If will happen only till you will maintain your grades otherwise you have to leave your job and keep focus on your study.

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