How to Get Student Visa for China from Pakistan 2022 (Forms, Fee, Consultants)

How to Get Admission in China

Getting admission in China is the requirement of those students who have wish to make their future bright. It is reality that only those students can make their future bright who will move in their life according to new technology. Now its is also reality that there is no more advance technology in our country. Well you can get admission in any abroad country and it will be good for you and for your future too. We will discuss on this matter in depth. Stay with us and read this article completely.

Why get Admission in China

China is our neighbor country and a good friend. Now we will discuss about why you should get admission in china. Well China is hundreds of years far from our country and its technology is just amazing. There are thousands of institutes and hundreds of institutes which have greater rank in whole country. The most amazing thing is that the tuition fee of any institute located in China is same as in Pakistan. If you are paying six lacs one-year doctoral course fee, then you will also pay six lac or may less than six lac tuition fee. Well now we will look at its procedure of applying for student visa.

University Approval Letter

Getting admission in any Chinese institute is simplest than any other institute located in abroad. You must apply for admission before applying for visa. It will be your acceptance letter. Only those candidates can apply for visa who have acceptance letter of that institute in which they will do study. If you are thinking about its merit, so you don’t have need to think about it as China is in favor of Pakistani students and for Pakistani students, merit is not high. Although you can get admission in Medical field even if you have only sixty percent marks. Everything will decide with acceptance letter.

Visa Applying Procedure

After confirming your admission in that institute in which you did apply for admission, you can apply for visa. If you still don’t have acceptance letter, then first apply for acceptance letter and then apply for visa. Candidates having acceptance letter will get student visa. You will only require your bank statement so that they may rely on it that you will not leave University and will meet your tuition fee.

Visa Documents Detail

There are following documents which you will submit along with your visa form. These are general documents but if any embassy asks you to bring more documents then it will be their own procedure.

  • Your passport in original and a copy of the photo page. The passport must be valid at least 6 months after the entry to Sweden
  • A filled in visa application (see the embassies’ website)
  • Visa application fee
  • 1 passport photo
  • Proof that you have access to your tuition fee (Bank Statement)
  • A return ticket within one year
  • Proof that you are insured during your stay in South Korea
  • A one-page description, in English, of what you will do in Sweden
  • A health certificate filled in by your doctor

Startup First Semester

To get admission in any Chinese institute, you are not required to pass any language course. You have listened about it that you must pass IELTS test in order to get admission in Australia, Canada, America and some other European countries. Well the procedure of Chinese institutes is different. They normally start semester after the month of September, but you will go there in the month of April. It is because first six months you will learn Chinese language. Chinese language will help you to survive there but your course will be in English language. Here is a main thing that is you must make your English language as strong as you can because your all subjects will be in English and teachers will also deliver their lecture in English.

Hostel Facilities

There are international hostels and you will live there during your study years. Each student will live in University hostel. You will have permission to live individually but you can live individual only if you can afford it. It would be better for you to stay in University hostel and follow the rues which are obeyed by the management of your institute.

Study Style in Sweden

There will be no any miss lecture although there can be some extra lectures. They will teach you almost 40 days in one week. Class test system will depend on class teacher while exams will be designed by the management of that institute. Each student will have individual assignment and group wise assignments too. Pakistani students will be required to maintain their CGPA otherwise they will drop out.

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