How to Apply Student Visa for UK from Pakistan 2022 (Forms, Fee, Consultants)

Getting admission in abroad is the latest trend in Pakistan. It is stated that now you don’t have much technology in your own country that is why most of you just give prefer to get admission in any other country especially in United Kingdom. Several reasons are here so if we will start discussing on these issues then we will not have much time to discuss about apply procedure. Well where you want to get admission in United Kingdom then you must have how know about it that how you can apply for it and which will be the requirements of getting Visa.

Types of Visas

Well first should take a thing in your mind that there are two types of visas and you can apply on anyone visa. First one is Prospective visa in which you will have permission to stay in UK for six months. Most of the students apply on this visa because they don’t know clearly about their course and institute. Well if you are going to apply of Prospective visa then you can also extend it while staying in UK. Conclusion is clear that before filling the admission form, all of you must read complete information of your course.

Working Schedule for Foreign in UK

Doing study in United Kingdom is best for your carrier but at the same time affording its tuition fee is sometime difficult for many from you. It is stated that there is difference in currency, so you must pay heap of money in the shape of security fee, tuition fee and many more. That is why students have relaxation in affording their fee which means they can do work 20 hours in a week. Try not to increase your job hours as you can drop from your institute if you will not follow this rule.

Rules for Doing a Job

  • Do 20 hours work in one week
  • Travel on decided road

Having dream of studying in United Kingdom but don’t know how to get admission in UK institutes. Well now its not difficult to get admission in any Europe country although you can get admission on scholarship but on the base of your intelligence. Well let’s talk about first face in which you are required to face an interview.


It is not just a name although a compete language is hidden in this world. Well as you know that if you will do study in UK then your teachers will deliver their lecture in English language. Now how it can happen that you can understand their lecture if you don’t know how to speak English or Understand any lecture delivered in English language. So if you want to get admission in UK then you have to flute in English language so that you may pass your interview. Most of the students just struct in this face as they don’t give prefer to English language and lose their chances to go abroad. Well we always give advice to our visitors. So here is also an advice for you that is if you want to pass this test then you must take a thing in your mind that its just a language and you can learn it only if you will talk to those people who are English speaker.

Applying for Visa

There are several visa centers in our country so you can easily apply for your visa. You just have need these things which are given below. If you don’t have even a single thing given below, better don’t try to apply for visa.

  • Visa Fee
  • Your Valid passport
  • Visa Application Form
  • Passport Size Pictures (5 or more)
  • Original Previous Documents of study
  • Other Original Documents
  • University Acceptance letter
  • Bank Statement
  • English Language Certificate

Matric Base Admission

It is in your favor that you can get admission after passing Intermediate class. But when you will pass secondary class and you will apply for admission in UK then you are required that Your Metric and Intermediate Certificate must be certified from concerned board and attested by IBCC and Foreign Affairs Office.

Higher Education Course

While applying for admission in professional course, you are required to get bachelor’s degree / master’s degree must be certified from concerned university and attested by HEC and Foreign Affairs Office.

Visa Processing Time & Visa Fee

After applying for visa, you must wait while your visa attempts the entire processing steps. It can take one to twelve weeks. Visa fee detail is subject to change which means we just can measure it but cant say accurate about it. At the time of visiting on any embassy, you will come to know visa fee. We can say that it will be approximately more than fifty thousand.

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