How to Apply Student Visa for Sweden from Pakistan 2022 (Forms, Fee, Consultants)

Getting admission in Sweden University can be the big ambition of your life. If you are looking for the procedure of applying and farther more steps, then should read out complete article. We will discuss each point briefly and if you will have any problem then you can ask it to us by leaving a comment below. Well let’s start reading this article.

Those students who want to get admission in this institute, they have t make sure that they are hard working students and moreover you have to follow several rues which are defined by the Government of Sweden or by that institute in which you are going to get admission. Procedure of its courses is almost same as other institutes in Europe. Each course has different nature, but they will keep focus on project system. Candidates who will get admission from Pakistan, they have great opportunity to prove themselves. First, we will look on its few institutes then we will move toward applying procedure.

Lund university

It is ranked one institute in Sweden which offers almost eight doctor courses. If you have wish to get admission in this institute, then you must get its acceptance letter which you will show at the time of applying for visa. Medical biology, Ageing health, Nursing, Occupational therapy, Audiology. Reproductive and Speech Pathology are its master’s programs. Its fee will be almost 1 lac and forty thousand which is (15,000 Euro). Its classes almost start in the end of August bit it offers one extra semester to foreign students in which they teach language.

KTK royal Institute of Technology

It’s an Engineering and Medical institute. It offers medical technical courses. To get admission in this course, first you will pass its test after that you can join your first class. Its fee is almost one hundred and fifty lacs in Pakistani rupees.

It offers two PhD courses which are its specialist courses. Doctor of Philosophy in Medical technology and Doctoral of Philosophy in technology and Health

Other High Ranked Institutes

  • Umea university
  • Karolinska Institute
  • Uppasala Institute
  • Jonkonping University foundation
  • Linnaeus university
  • Orebro University

All these institutes offer different kind of courses and all are well ranked institutes. Where is the question of its fee so each course fee is almost round out that figure which is mention in above institutes fee.

Acceptance Letter process

Well when you have gotten information of top ranked institutes then surely you have selected one institute I which you will have admission. Now to apply for visa, you are required acceptance letter which you will get from that institute in which you will apply for admission.  When you will apply for acceptance letter, if they have any test criteria, they will take that test at that time and after that you will receive an email form that institute in which your rejection or acceptance will be mention.

Visa process

After receiving acceptance letter, you will visit nearby embassy from where you will apply for visa. First, they will check your acceptance letter and then they will ask for filling applying form. Visa process can take more than 90 days but before starting classes, you will come to know if you have selected or not? Documents which will be required at the time of applying for visa are as follow.

  • Your passport in original and a copy of the photo page. The passport must be valid at least 6 months after the entry to Sweden
  • A filled in visa application (see the embassies’ website)
  • Visa application fee
  • 1 passport photo
  • Proof that you have access to at least 150,0000 PKRS
  • A return ticket within one year
  • Proof that you are insured during your stay in South Korea
  • A one-page description, in English, of what you will do in Sweden
  • A health certificate filled in by your doctor

Study Style in Sweden

There will be no any miss lecture although there can be some extra lectures. They will teach you almost 40 days in one week. Class test system will depend on class teacher while exams will be designed by the management of that institute. Each student will have individual assignment and group wise assignments too. Pakistani students will be required to maintain their CGPA otherwise they will drop out.

Students will have permission to do work 20 hours in one week. Students can’t exceed their limit in working. Moreover, you will submit your report to nearby police station which will be your first step when you will reach at your institute.

Scholarships are also providing to needy students. Information about scholarships are provided on this site. Candidates who want to know if they are eligible for scholarship, they must read out that article which is related to scholarship. In short there are two types of scholarships national and international.

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