How to Apply for a Student Visa of Germany from Pakistan 2021 (Forms, Fee, Consultants)

Getting admission in Germany is the dream of many from you. It would be good for you if you will get admission in Germany. There is always reason behind any fact so if we are saying that you must get admission in Germany then there is always some reason behind it. Will the beneficial of getting admission in Germany is not our topic of the day, although we are here to just check the process of getting admission in Germany. We will take about it in detail, so you are required to read all paragraphs. Let’s start now.

Acceptance Letter

It’s something an admission letter. You are required to have this letter in your hand at the time of applying for your student visa. First, you will select any institute and then will apply for admission. This acceptance letter is all about admission letter. In this acceptance letter it will be mention that you have selected for admission and now you can enter the gate of that institute for the purpose of study. Specific documents will be required at the time of applying for admission so be prepare your documents.

Visa Detail

Go to nearby embassy and apply or your visa. They will ask for your some of the important documents which you will attach with that form which you will submit there. These documents detail s given below. Although first you have to take a thing in your min that you can apply for visa only if you have acceptance letter and if you still don’t have acceptance letter then first read about it.

Visa process can take more than 90 days but before starting classes, you will come to know if you have selected or not? Documents which will be required at the time of applying for visa are as follow.

  • Your passport in original and a copy of the photo page. The passport must be valid at least 6 months after the entry to Germany
  • A filled in visa application (see the embassies’ website)
  • Visa application fee
  • 1 passport photo
  • Proof that you have access to at least 10,0000 PKRS
  • A return ticket within one year
  • Proof that you are insured during your stay in Germany
  • A one-page description, in English, of what you will do in Germany
  • A health certificate filled in by your doctor

Rules for Staying in France

Surely you will follow those rules which are important for you. It will b harmful for your carrier if you will not follow these rules.

Job Period: First one procedure in shake of your help. If anyone want to do job, he/she will have 20 hours permission to do work in one week.  If anyone will exceed these hors, it will drop down and banned from France.

Staying Place: Students will go to nearby police station and will inform them that why you’re here and how long you will stay here. This process will retrieve when you will leave France.

After Passing Degree: Each student will have one-month time after completing its study. In this month you will sum up your work and will go back to your country. Students can’t stay even a single day without informing France government otherwise your visa will be banned out.

Financial report

You must keep it in your mind that the fee of your institute is affordable for you. If you are not able to meet with your tuition fee, then you must apply on scholarship or find some other way to get admission in Germany. Surely you can do work 20 hours in one week, but you can do work only when you are good in your study. If you are facing problem and decreasing your grades, then your institute will not allow you to do work at any cost.

Medical requirement

You are required to be physically fit otherwise you will not be allowed to go there and get admission in any Germany institute. There are only few dangerous diseases and if you are suffering with any of that disease then your admission will cancel out. Anyhow you are almost fit and it’s just a formality.

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