Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO) Duplicate Bill Check Online Free Download

The online bill of the Hyderabad Electric Supply Company for this month has been announced. The Company of the HESCO is very fast for the working and this Company is best for maintaining the records and the management and the performance of the electricity in the Electricity plant. In the Pakistan the person can download the duplicate or the copy of the electricity bill and they can pay it on the behalf of the duplicate bill.

How We Download The Electricity Bill

  • If any person wants to check the online bill and they can also download the electricity bill that kind of the persons click the link and then they enter the 14 digits reference number.
  • Mostly persons do not know about the reference number. The reference number is the meter number of your home. If any person does not remember their reference number they just find the previous electricity bill and then they check the reference number.
  • After enter the reference number without any dash the person sees the electricity bill of the desired month.
  • After that the person can read the electricity bill online and they can also download it
  • The government of the Pakistan gave 7 days for depositing the charges of the electricity bills.

Category of the Bill

  • In the Pakistan the commercial and the local/ home unit rate are announced. The commercial rate is too much expensive. The home or the local unit rate is normal in the amount.
  • The Pakistan government announced that after 100 units the amount of the charges is increased. In the Hyderabad the mostly people is belong to the rich family and the in the summer all the rich persons use too much electricity because their houses are fully furnished and the AC rooms.
  • As compare to the normal or the poor families they use less electricity because they do not have the AC and the other advanced technology devices.

Sources For Deposit The Bill

The person can pay the bill through the E-banking and the other sources. The pother sources are the Jazz cash and the Easy Paisa and the other bank accounts.

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