Health is Wealth Eassy For Matric & Inter

Health is a great blessing. That is why someone has said that health is wealth. If a person does not have it, then surely he will not be happier with his life because it is a basic human need on which he can live. If a person has good health, he will also have a good mind. That is why it is said that sound body has a sound mind. Students who are not in good health are also a little weaker in reading and writing. Half of our food is eaten by our brain, so good food is needed to keep the brain healthy, and good and bad make both the brain and the body active and strong. There are different ways to maintain your health

  • We should get up in the morning and take a walk in the morning
  • We should eat one apple a day
  • We need to pay more attention to what we eat
  • We should eat less outside food as it can lead to poor health
  • You should drink fruit juice to maintain good health
  • If a person does light exercise every day, he also maintains his health
  • Try to go as far as possible, especially when sitting down after a meal makes a person slow down.

Advantages of health:

There are many benefits to having good health. A person can do everything in his life to the fullest. Everyone looks at a good and strong man with a good eye, while a weak and emaciated man looks strangely at everyone. Children generally need to be healthy and strong enough to work in their schools and colleges. Boys can’t even carry their own bags, which makes life difficult for them. Everyone should take special care of their health and if they do not make it despite their healthy eating habits then you need to consult a good doctor. For your good health, you need to eat on time. You will not have a good diet. Will be. Because getting enough sleep helps the human body to develop more fully and increases the risk of good health.

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