Happy Palace Group Of The School’s Admission 2021

These are the international type of the schools who syllabus is from the Cambridge and the students are from another level of he calliper are in this school system. This school deals in the primary level and in the kindergarten level and in the level of the playgroup where the young kids are trying to hold the heart towards the study and there are too many student’s who are in the matric and in the O and A level courses and some of them are in the intermediate.

  • The date and the time of the admission of this schools are announced in our website and in our website there is total information about the admission session of 2021-2022.
  • First of all the kids who get admission in the play group are discussed in this level there are the admission are open the interview of the parents and the kids are taken in this first step because the school wants to know the calliper of the students.
  • At the level of the A level and the O levels there re many tests and some minor papers are conducted just to check the study skill and the confidence of the students if the students works properly then there are the scholarship are announced for the students.
  • For the students who wants to get admission in the matric level can visit our website in our website there are the free admission forms are present they can pass the admission test and then they can apply because it there are limited seats are available.

Happy Palace Group Of The School’s Admission 2021


  • In the intermediate level if the students performance is good and can get more marks then he will get up to the scholarship up to the 50 % .
  • Due to the pandemic conditions, there are too much Sop’s are following in our institute in this is there are students who are wearing the mask and the students who are sitting far away from each other and there is the total following of the sops.


There are many campuses of this school but u had to take a look at your website and then u can get to know about the campus of this school system.

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