Hajj Flight Schedule 2023

The schedule of the Hajj flights from the Pakistan for this year 2023 has been announced. The minister of the foreign affairs decided that the first flight from the Pakistan to Jeddah for the Hajj is at the date of 11-06-2023. The million of the Muslims want to do the Hajj and the best thing is that the million of the persons submit their application and the amount. The government of the Pakistan has the rule that they do the lucky draw for the Hajj and only few of the persons and the family name are selected in the lucky draw. Those persons whose name is mentioned on the luck draw list only that kind of the persons and the families can get the information about the flight schedules.

Airplane companies

The government of the Pakistan decided that the quantity of the Hajji are too much high and the Pakistan has less airplane for the travelling but the government of the Pakistan hired the airplane to the other companies. Now, all the procedure and the time table and the flights number and the flights timing and the route and the other information are announced.

In the Pakistan the 5 airplanes companies are working for the traveling of the Hajj.

  • Pakistan International Airline
  • Shaheen Airline
  • Air Blue Airline
  • ITHEAD Airline
  • FLY NAS Airline.


In the Pakistan, the two type of the Hajji that will be performing the Hajj at the same time. One is the government and the other is the private. These two categories have the same destination but they have different in the fares and the expenses and the residence and the flights. The private Hajji can travel with the direct flights and the connected flights.

  • The direct flights mean that the Hajji will travel from Lahore to JEDDHA direct.
  • The direct flights mean that the Hajji will travel from Lahore to MAKKAH direct.
  • The connected flights mean that the Hajji will travel first in the DAMAM and then they take the rest at least 6 hours and then they will travel next MAKKAH or the JEDDHA.

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