Hajj Draw Result 2022 Download Free

The draw result of the Hajj for the candidates in the session of 2022 has been announced. If any person wants to check the result online they just click the link and they can get the name and the ID card number if their name is selected in the draw result. The Hajj is the blessing of the Allah. The rich persons can perform the HAJJ privately without any problems but mostly persons in the Pakistan want to perform HAJJ on the charges of the government.

Applying Persons

Every year the million of the Muslims apply for the HAJJ and they deposit the amount and they submit the documents to the bank for the further procedures. Now, All the Muslims are waiting for the draw result.  The ministry of the Religion and the Islam do more work for the progress of the HAJJI. At the time of the corona, the government of the Saudi Arabia announced that only the citizens of the Saudi Arabia can perform the Hajj and they also announced that if any person has Ikama only that kind of the person can perform the Hajj. But, now the government of the Saudi Arabia do more work for the Hajji and the now the Saudi government allow all the local citizens that they perform the Umrah and the Hajj.


Only 179,210 persons are selected for this session. The government of the Pakistan announced the small policy and the charges for the Hajji. The government of the Pakistan announced that the government charges for the Hajj are 786,270. In this charges the government of the Pakistan provides many facility like transport and the residence and the qurbani and the plane tickets and the visa fees and the other services.

Important Instructions For The Hajii

The government of the Pakistan announced that the selected persons follow the instruction carefully because if they do not follow the instruction they face many problems.

  • The person only carries the 5 to 7 kg luggage in the hand bag.
  • The person only carries the 30 kg luggage in the big briefcase or the Box.
  • The person only gets one ZamZam bottle from the Saudi airport.

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