Government Polytechnic Institute for Women Admission 2022

This is the institute of the govt sector and the govt announced the admission session in 2022. This institute is located in the centre of Karachi on the korangi side. This programs is introduced by the support of the welfares and the social society’s working for the man kind and the funding of this institute is done by the govt of the norway govt of the Germany and by the social welfare society of the europe union.The degree program of the institute can be organized by the funding and by the support of the BMZ federation. The programs is present by the officials of the BMZ and the govt of Pakistan and the higher authorities of Pakistan such as (navttc) and the other welfare institute are supporting to held this in our country so that’s why the program of this type of education is starting here in this institute.

Government Polytechnic Institute for Women Admission 2022

The courses are announced in which the admission are open one of the main course of this university are open and the department in which the university are giving the admission are mentioned here.

Junior hair and the make up artist:-

In this degree program there are many girls who want to spend the time in the parlor and they want to do the things that help them in the living and earning so this degree is for them to learn who to do makeover .it is for 6 months

Cad- cam operator

It is termed as the technology of the computer science in which the students can get to know more about the technology of the computer both make and female students can apply in this .it is a short course 6 months

Date for the admission:-

The date and the time and the schedule to download the application form and the last date of the form submission is the 10 of February.

The students who are not from the city who are here from the other cities just to read and write and to get admission the institute give them the transport free.


It is located in the Karachi and it is on the main road and it is named as the govt girls polytechnic college.

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