Geo khelo Pakistan 2022 Online Passes Tickets Timings & Registration Details

The passes and the online ticketing and the online streaming and the schedule and the timing and the information of the Geo Khelo show for the session 2022 has been announced. In the Pakistan there are many persons that are watching the live shows and live steaming. In the month of the Ramadan, the different Ramadan special shows are announced by the different channels. The Geo khelo show is directed by the Geo channel. In the Pakistan the mostly women and the children have too much interest for watching the TV shows.


The show is fully depend on the host of the person because if the person like the male or the females is fully confident and the good looking and their body language is too much attractive and their talking style and their moments and their confidence level is on the peak stage then the 100 percent guarantee that the show is too much hit in the present or the future conditions. The best cricketer MR.WASIM AKRAN and the MR.SHOHAIB AKHTAR hosted the program.


  • The passes of the live show are available on the page and the site. If any person or the family member and the leader of the friends groups want to get the online pass then first they click the link and then do the registration for the passes.
  • In the registration pass, the person enters the name and the father name and the ID card and the passes quantity and the timing and the date and the palace and the amount transferring source and the mobile number.
  • Then the person deposits the charges of the passes and then they receive the message through the show.


  • The geo channel announced that the Geo khelo transmission is displayed daily at the time of the night.
  • If any person misses the transmissions then they do not worry they can see the transmission at the time of the morning.

Online Streaming

The online streaming is also announced by the GEO channel. Mostly persons do not have the TV and the LCD and they do not watch the show on the TV. Those kinds of the persons do not worry because this page and the site show you live streaming through this link and the page.

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