GCT Girls Karimabad Karachi Admission 2022 Last Date

This is one of the most advanced and the one of the most reliable college in the history of technology . There are many students who are here to get admission in this college. it is recognized by the HEC and the authorities big this college announced the date and the time of the Admission session 2022 for the short courses. The name of the short courses are :-

  • Excel for engineer for quality surveyor
  • Pro e design for the architect design
  • Material testing
  • Town planning technique
  • Primavera for project management
  • Managing health safety and environment.

GCT Girls Karimabad Karachi Admission 2022

Quality of the institution:-

  • There atmosphere of the institution is calm and polite.
  • There are many students who want to get Admissions here in this college.
  • There are many modern labs that are present here in this Institute.
  • There are the main lawns and the gardens are here for the students who get Admissions here in the university.
  • There are well equipped instruments that are used in the institution for the students.
  • The candidate had to be sit in the air conditioner rooms.
  • The candidate had to pass the exams with the good marks.
  • There is a vast library present in the Institute.
  • There are many students who are here to get the admission due to high ranking.
  • There is the highly trained faculty available in this Institute.

Eligibility criteria:-

  • The candidate had to pass the subjects with the good marks.
  • The candidate had to pass the entry test .
  • The candidate had to appear in the entry test exam.
  • These are the 3 month courses.
  • The free admission are required for the students who had the giz build for the skill.
  • The Admission form can be downloaded from the website.
  • The Admission forms and the information about the institute can be seen in the campus in the admission desk.

Schedule of Admission and requirement things:-

  • The last date of the Admission form submission is 31-3-2022.
  • The interview for the Admission in this university is On the 8th April.
  • The Admission form can be
  • The Admission form also attach with the date certificate.
  • The certificate of the matric is also involved.
  • The copy of the CNIC is also required.
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