Garrison College Admission 2022 Last Date Apply

Garrison College has opened admissions for the Master of degree. This is a great opportunity for students who wanted to enroll in a master’s program this year can now easily enroll in Garrison College. Garrison College is a very good institution with standard and registered degrees which are very useful for the student in any field of life. This institute is approved by HEC. That is why thousands of students enroll here every year and get their standard degrees. It is an educational institution where both boys and girls can study. High quality rooms have been built and a library has been set up with thousands of books on various subjects.

Garrison College also has pick-up and drop-off facilities and accommodates students from remote areas in the buildings adjacent to Garrison College. In a country like Pakistan, the quality of education is now much better than before. But not even a few years ago, the standard of education here was very low. Parents did not send their children to school and engaged them in their daily activities. But now parents have come to their senses and they send their children to school and after school they go to colleges and universities. In our country, lavish colleges and universities have been established, some of which are privately run and some are affiliated with the government.

Garrison College is also a government affiliated college in which you will be given programs in various master’s degrees in the session of 2021. These degree programs will last for one year only. In this program you will be given MA Pashto MA Arabic MA English MA Political Science SMA Islamic Studies MA Urdu MA Economics MA History and MSc. Students should be reminded that Garrison College is a standard institution and after obtaining a master’s degree in it, you will be able to easily get admission in any other educational institution.

Eligibility Criteria of admission:

Garrison College, which offers admission to master’s degree programs, and everyone knows that a master’s degree does not require high marks.

A student must have at least a bachelor’s degree in order to be admitted to any master’s degree. Must have at least 50% marks in Bachelor’s degree or at least 50% marks in equivalent degree

Garrison College is not taking the entrance test for MA, which means that if you have a bachelor’s degree with distinction, you will easily be admitted for a master’s degree.

The student must have a local domicile

Three photos of the student with blue background. As well as two photocopies of the student’s father’s ID card and a photocopy of the student’s ID card.

Along with this, you have to complete your admission form in a complete and sophisticated manner and submit it to the admission office of Garrison College. The entry form has to be submitted before its due date. No entry form will be submitted after the last date,

How to Apply:

All you have to do is download the Geezer College Election Form and after that you have to submit all the documents that we have told you in the criteria to the office.

The deadline to submit admissions is March 24, 2022.

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