Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) Duplicate Bill Check Online Free Download

The electricity bill of the Faisalabad city and the overall division for this month has been announced. If any person wants to check the electricity bill online they can just click the link and they get the electricity bill without any charges. The FESCO is the big department that provides the electricity to the whole city and the other villages and the small towns. In the Faisalabad the usage of the electricity is too much in large quantity. In the Faisalabad there are many textiles and the rice and the cotton and the chemicals industries and all the industries are working on the electricity.

How To Get The Bill Online?

In the Pakistan the FESCO Company decided that they issue the duplicate bill on the internet because some cities and the some places and the some villages and the small towns have too much small. Due to some reasons mostly homes or the offices do not receive the bills.

  • The government of the Pakistan and the FESCO announced that the person can get the online bill.
  • The person clicks the link.
  • Then the person enters the reference number in the box.
  • The reference number is the meter number and this number is unique from the other homes or the meters.
  • The reference numbers are only 14 digits and one alphabetic numbers.
  • The person enters the reference number and then they select the month after one minute or 2 seconds the bill us display on the screen.
  • The person can check the bill online and the person can download it in the form of the PDF.
  • The person can pay it through the bank and the Jazz cash and the Easy paisa and the other online paying applications.

Rates Of The Units

In the Pakistan the two categories are working one is commercial and the second is local. The rates are different but the timing and the electricity power are same.

  • The commercial unit rate is 19.26 if the electricity usage is less than 5 kilo watt.
  • The local unit rate is 13.85 if the electricity usage is between 0 to 100 Units.

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