Favorite Poet Eassy For Matric & Intermediate Students

Allah gives many poets to Pakistan and best thing is that in this country more than 50 plus ports have a medals and different types of shields because their aim is to spread their Poetry of Urdu Language to many other countries. My favorite poet is ALLAMA IQBAL. He is the one of the best poet of Pakistan who has too much book about different topics. ALLAMA IQBAL is very famous poet of Sialkot. He was live in Sialkot but he is famous he visit different types of cities and different types of countries for attending many programs. He is very brave man. He has a highly qualify degree and this is one of the best person in Pakistan who urge all types of Muslims who do not know they need a separate homeland.

ALLAMA IQBAL supports with QUAID E AZAM and they make a plan to get rid of Hindu and then they want to try their best to make separate homeland. With the help of their Poetry, ALLAMA IQBAL tells to Muslim that if they do not get separate then we always working under HINDU government and if we do not try best and we do not do fights with HINDU then we do not live independent in their life. This is one of the people who have too much grip in many languages like Persian and Urdu. They wrote maximum more than 10 books and all their books have a concept of living style of Muslims.

ALLAMA IQBAL does too much love to Muslims and they always said that if Muslims do not live together and they do not fight from one another than No any external power break their country. He got their education from different country and they have a lot of knowledge and skills about different types of languages. When they come back to Pakistan they do degree of LLB and then they become big LAWYER of that country. He has a degree of Philosophy. At the end he was buried in Sialkot. At that date, all Muslims do Prayers for that person.

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