Electricity Crisis Eassy For Matric & Inter Students

Electricity has become a necessity of our life without which our life might not be possible today. Today, with electricity, I am connected to all our history departments. There is no department and no work that does not require electricity. The origin of electricity is not very old, but if we look at its history, many scientists came who first tried to generate electricity by seeing lightning. Many scientists had succeeded in this and many scientists had failed in this and there were many scientists who die while generating electricity in Miss. But the current electricity that we are using is called AC and DC. Used in various places to generate electricity, including Electric City Electric City Hydropower.

Each country generates electricity in its own way. Countries that have a special presence of canals and rivers generate electricity by building dams in the river and this is one of the cheapest sources of electricity generation. Countries that have their own cells generate their electricity from oil generators and use it in their states. But nowadays there are many engineers who have started generating electricity in ways that no fuel is needed. It only costs one time, which includes a wind fan and a solar panel plate. In developing countries like Pakistan, power generation has been a problem from the beginning. Pakistan does not generate as many megawatts of electricity as it consumes.


We call it the Electric City crisis. How does this happen when the country is not generating so much electricity, then this country needs electricity. So the result is that it starts load shedding in the state and the same load shedding has been badly faced by a country like Pakistan for the last many years. Now with the passage of time some projects are being implemented in Pakistan through which electricity is being completed but still shooting of electricity is often done. Pakistan is building various electricity power generators with the help of China and soon Pakistan will also complete its work on Bhasha Dam due to which a lot of water will be stored in Pakistan and then this water will be used to generate cheap electricity. Will also be used for Generating cheap electricity will reduce the cost and expense of using the products that run on electricity in the country, just as the country will be prosperous.

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