October 25, 2020
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The undergraduate  BS technology  electrical program is based on solid foundation in mathematics, physical sciences and computer programming and electrical power courses to ensure successful completion of the program and to equip the students with future professional growth, rational reasoning and analysis the program provides abroad technological core competence which enables the student to communicate and interact effectively with engineers in different areas of specialization and to make technological decisions with confidence on successful completion of the program  , the students possess the ability to perform integrated problem solving, problem identification, analysis, hypothesis testing, solution verification, and its implementation.

This program is designed to prepare our students as a technologist, this program suited to those wishing to pursue a career in the communication and power system and electric drives. In addition to the technical and practical expertise that students will gain from electrical technology, student will discover that our degrees are designed to provide with the opportunities to learn and develop transferable skills. Electrical technologists are in demand with employers within the Pakistan and overseas. Within electrical technology, the main employment areas include  electrical power generation supply and distribution, power systems, installation and design of electrical machinery and communication / mobile companies, internet service providers, network operators, T.V channel, research  and development organization, inspection and testing, quality control, instrumentation and control, automation industries this branch of engineering covers traditional areas  like generation, distribution and transmission of electricity as well as new  age applications in electronics ranging from telecommunications to computer and microprocessors. Thus most courses combine electrical and electronics systems.

The course is closely linked with computation and neural systems,, applied physics, computer science and , applied dynamic system students of electrical engineering are offered both theoretical and practical knowledge in a wide verity of subjects, including wireless systems , quantum electronics, modern optics , solid state materials and devices , power electronics , control theory , signal processing , data compression and communications etc there are many more new age development including Neuro Fuzzy approaches for engineering system applications , bio medical instrumentation , analysis of digital systems etc

Technological education got a great boost the development of technical education has been one of the major achievements of the post independence period Many institute in Pakistan offering BS technology government college university Faisalabad (FSD), NFC institute of engineering and technology training (Multan), University of Gujrat , international islamic University (Islamabad) , Preston university Karachi ,Ned university of engineering (Karachi), Dadabhoy institute of higher education (Karachi), Imperil university of business studies (Lahore), Pimsat institute of higher education (Karachi) ,Indus international institute (D.G Khan ), Comwave institute of information technology (Islamabad) . art without engineering is dreaming engineering without art is calculating. .engineering is a great profession there is the satisfaction of watching the figment of the imagination emerge through the aid of science to a plan on paper then it move to realization in stone or metal or energy .then it elevate the standard of living and add to the comforts of life . this is the engineers high privilege