Eassy on Corona Virus in Pakistan For All

Covid-19 is the one of the dangerous disease that cures the whole world.  The whole word is affected by the Covid-19. The science and the other advanced technologies and the different surveys and the different scholars declared that this virus is very conscious for the human beings and the most important thing is that the world Health organization said that this disease is strongly affected to the aged person like above the 70 years old people. In these years the human person cannot face any heavy disease because their body is too weak.

Is Pakistan Affected?

In the world mostly persons have the question that is Pakistan has affected from this virus. Yes, the Pakistan is too much affected from the Corona virus. At the month of the March the government of the Pakistan feels that the virus is transferred from the nearby countries like China and the India and the Afghanistan. When the experts of the Pakistan tried to know about the real reason then they got the result that the Pakistan is located in the mid of the 3 countries. The border of the china and the India and the Afghanistan are attached with the Pakistan border. The first corona case was detected in the country of the china.

Present condition in the Pakistan

In the present condition the Pakistan faces many problems because the Corona virus is in its peak position and they too much affected the people of the Pakistan. The exact ratio of the active and the recovered and the dead and the serious conditions are as below.

  • The active cases are 455,977.
  • The death cases are 9,010.
  • The recovered cases are 388,598.

Safety steps

The government of the Pakistan realizes that the million of the people is affected by the Corona virus then the government of the Pakistan and the Pm of the Pakistan and the CM of the Punjab and the SINDH decided that the lock down is best at that situation. In the Pakistan the educational institutes and the marriages halls and the other crowded places are banned or closed.

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