Dogars Unique Science Solved Mcqs For NTS Educators Tests ESE, SESE & SSE

The solved multiple choice question of the NTS test for the teachers for the session 2021 has been announced. The government of the Pakistan and the national testing service and the other sectors announced the test for the jobs of the educators. The syllabus is in the large quantity and the syllabus is also too much tough and the typical. Mostly students or the candidates read the books of the 9th and the 10th and the 11th and the 12th class and the other graduation books because the entire test and all the subjects are included in these fields or the classes.

Pattern of the educators

The government of the Pakistan announced the 78 jobs or the post for the educators of the different departments or the subjects. Some subject is the sciences and the some subjects are arts group and the some subjects are social sciences group.

The test marks of the NTS for the post of the Elementary school teacher and the senior elementary school teacher and the other posts are 100 marks. The 60 percent marks are compulsory for the post.

How to download the DOGAR UNIQUE MCQS BOOKS

  • First the students and the candidates click the link that are mentioned on the page. With the help of the link the candidates or the candidates directly move to the page and then they select the post and then they select the book name and the edition and then they click the option of the download.
  • After clicking the option of the download the page is opened and the students enter the email account in the box and then they write the name and the post name.
  • After that the candidates got the solved multiple choice questions book of all the post.
  • In the DOGAR book there are thousands multiple choice questions of one post are available on the book.
  • The candidates read the book before the 20 days of the examination and at the time of the paper they read the last 2 chapters.

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