Digi-Skills Short Courses Admission 2022

The admission of online DIGI-SKILLS for the fresh students of computer sciences and information technology has been announced. Students who want to earn online abut they do not have any idea that kind of students join DIGI-SKILLS. With the help of short courses that are announced by the DIGI-SKILLS students learn how to earn money online. In the Pakistan mostly students are too much poor and they do not pay their fees and other family expenses. They need money but they do not have any skills for earning. With the help of DIGI-SKILLS students learn all the procedure for earning money from internet.

Digi-Skills Short Courses Admission 2022


  • SEO
  • All the courses have different contents and benefits. Students only choose on from these. With the help of SEO students manage all the works and projects.
  • With the help of AUTO CAD students design logo and different cards
  • With the help of word press students design different websites and content
  • In the digital marketing, students watch different videos and earn from this
  • In the free lancing students do different tasks and then they earn from this.

How to apply

If any student wants to get admission in one course then they just click the link and get registration form of online portal

  • Students enter name and email.
  • Students enter basic information.
  • No admission test and no other test are conducted for the admission.
  • The important thing is that students get the classes online.
  • The procedure is that students login their portal and then they select their department.
  • After that they watch the whole online class.
  • These courses are only for 3 months.
  • Within 3 months, students attend regular classes.

Important for writer

In the Pakistan, mostly students have too much interest to write some columns and articles but they do not have any skills. With the help of content writing course students understand all the rules and procedure to write proper article.

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