Democracy Essay For Matric & Inter Students

Democracy has become the most important system today. It is a system where sovereignty is given to every person who is a citizen of this state to a small extent. In a democracy, the monarchy is abolished because the monarchy consists of a family that rules over the entire empire, makes its own decisions and enforces a law of its own accord. But democracy is a system in which the common man is given freedom. In this freedom he can criticize the government. If the government is not doing the right thing, he can demand his own benefit. In the days of the monarchy, no citizen had the right to confess his wishes easily and fearlessly, nor was any citizen given the right to do so at that time. But today, in a democracy, not all of us can easily report on the news. We have created news channels that comment on the government and question its performance and incompetence.

The system of democracy is almost identical to the three systems against Islam. If we look at the moral system of Islam, there was no democratic government anywhere in the world before that, and if there was a democratic government in the Roman Empire, it was abolished in a few years. Gradually man liberated his countries from these kings and kings and then established a system there which is still going on today. Democracy and health system has been implemented in our country Pakistan as well. The system was formally given a brick scale in 1973 during the rule of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. The government of Pakistan is still bound by the same constitution and is running its country under democracy. Almost every other country in the world is now completely independent of the monarchy and has succeeded in establishing its own constitutional democracy.

In a democracy, a person can pass laws of his choice that are easy and necessary for the people living in the whole country. In a democracy, everyone has the right to raise their voice, they can easily take to the streets to protest, they can raise slogans against the government and if the people do not like the performance of the government, they can demand their rights.

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