CSS Pakistan Affairs Paper, Syllabus 2022

The syllabus of the Pakistan affairs and the paper pattern for the session 2022 has been announced. If any student wants to appear in this session for the css exams that kind of the students must prepare for the Pakistan affairs subjects. This subject is very important and the tough. In the Pakistan there are many political and the other issues are held and the crises of the Pakistan and the other issues of the Pakistan are involved in this subject.

Marks and the time

  • There are 100 marks for the Pakistan affairs subject.
  • The total time for completing the whole subject is only 3:00 Hours.

Preparation books and the notes

Mostly student or the persons do not have any concern with the government institutes and the other preparation institute centers. They just only learn and read the online notes and the books and they do the practice again and the again and the best thing is that now the FPSC announced the new advanced technology now the student can prepare through the online test.

All the updated and the other CSS subjects notes and the books and the past papers and the up to date papers and the guess papers are available on the page and the site.

Syllabus and the important books

First mostly the newly students do not know what is the Pakistan affairs? In the Pakistan affairs we discuss the ideal of the Pakistan the theme of the Pakistan we discuss the imports and the exports of the Pakistan we discuss the political and the economical issues we discuss the social and the religion issues we discuss the manufacturing and the cultural and the farming issues.

  • The syllabus of the Pakistan affairs is as follows
  • The Ideology of the Islamic states of the Pakistan
  • The definition of the republic of the Pakistan
  • Historical places of the Pakistan
  • Area and the people of the Pakistan
  • Different religions of the Pakistan
  • The minority‚Äôs culture
  • The languages of the Pakistan
  • The foreign polices and the rules
  • The role of the Islamic countries/

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