Cricket Match Essay For Students Free Online

By the way, many are open in the world. One of those games is cricket. I love cricket, it’s my favorite sport and I’ve been playing cricket since I was a child. In cricket, usually 11 people form a team together and compete in the same field as the other team. Before playing cricket, the captains of the cricketers do the act, after which batting and bowling are decided. In cricket, the batsman has a bat in his hand and the bowler has a ball in his hand which he throws at the batsman and the batsman hits the ball. I am a good batsman myself. I have hit sixes and fours many times and have led my team to victory. Sometimes I can bowl well but I prefer to bat.

Cricket matches have different durations, some of which are three-day or five-day matches called test matches. There are fifty overs in a match and 6 balls have to be bowled in each over. This is what we call an off-the-shelf match. Then there is another match which consists of Twenty overs. Our Pakistani team also plays very good cricket. It has won the World Cup in 1992. Imran Khan was the captain of our team at that time. Our Pakistani cricket team has won many more matches. It has also become the Asia Champion once and has also won the Twenty20 World Cup.

Many spectators go to the stadium to watch the cricket match. It is an international game that is shown on TV on various channels which is then watched by millions of people. In cricket, if a person is hitting on his bat and the ball goes off the ground without touching the ground, he gets six runs. When the batsman hit the ball through their bat and it goes out of boundary the field, the batsman is given four runs. In addition, the batsman can not run after hitting the ball, they have to run on a pitch. Once the pitch is completed, one run is scored and sometimes the batsmen run fast and get more than one run.

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