Computer Practical Matric Guess Paper 2023

Computer is a very interesting subject and this subject have great importance and computer used in large amount in our daily life. You can say that, our life have great use of computer and this is avail in all fields. I think, now every person of work have computer, laptop or mobile at their home. In this page we are going to share computer guess paper for 9th and 10th class. Those students who have wish to obtain good marks in annual exams, they should follow our guess paper and our team made these guess paper after the complete study of books and past papers. You can also got viva important question from here.

Practical work have great importance because it give the proper knowledge of computer to a student. You get all chemistry and physics practical guess paper online free from here. Computer is very important subject and t is necessary for every student of Pakistan to have knowledge about this subject. We share all boards and all books guess papers on this page. All matric students who have wish to get admission in I.Com and ICS, they got admission detail about all Govt and private colleges of IT online free from this page.

Computer Practical Matric Guess Paper 2023

  • Define Data Processing Cycle? Draw diagram of data processing cycle.
  • Define Printer? Explain Impact printer non-impact printer.
  • What is an Operating System? Write down the characteristics of DOS?
  • What is meant by Windows? Describe the properties of Windows Operating System?
  • Why do we need translate source code into machine code?
  • Define Software? What is the difference between System Software and Application Software.
  • Define any three definition of Computer?
  • Write any three applications (uses) of computer?
  • What are the merit and demerit of Computer?  (any three)
  • Describe generation?  Draw generation chart.
  • State the types of computer according to purpose?
  • Write down the characteristics of 3rd, 4th and 5th generation of computer?

Every student of Pakistan have wish to choose this subject become new generation and new work depend on Computer and all companies in Pakistan and work need a good computer operator and a person who have knowledge about computer. So you should prepare your practical and obtain good marks in annual exam. Only this condition you got admission in good college of Pakistan and got a bright future. We also share all other classes and all other subject guess paper on this page. Guess paper have great importance because it gives complete idea about the annual exams and all important question of book.

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