Computer Eassy For Matric & Inter Students

Computer is latest technology of this session. Now this time every person of world use computer system. Some of the persons think that only laptop and personal computer are types of computer but now technology is too much different and now all types of digital things are computer. If we want example then students think that if they wear digital watches and they think that this is not a computer technology that kind of students do not have too much knowledge about it. This is also a computer device now you can do all types of calculation and they you can add all types of contact numbers in this computer machine.

Now we compare that if person do not have computer then how they live their life. If any person who do not have internet and computer and they want to live their life that kind of persons maintain their  all records manually and if they do some wrong calculation then all calculation and works are not going in right way. Some of the person is not too much educated and they do not have too many skills about calculation. If they do not use computer device then they do not do accurate calculation.

Now computer helps in all fields. Some of the students who do not have too much skills about computer but they have knowledge about basic concept of computer that kind of students can get full information from computer. Some of the students use too much computer and they watch movies and different types of songs all time. Some of the persons who are too much young and they do not control their feelings that kind of person watches different types of porn movies that are directly disadvantage of computer. If any person who is too much of computer machine and they want to do work in this field that kind of persons can get easily job from this field. Now this time, all types of weather sectors and all types of security sectors use computers and best thing is that now Pakistan try their best to invent super computer.

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