Chief Minister Merit Scholarship (CMMS) Program 2022

The scholarship of Chief Minister Merit for the PHD students for the session 2022 has been announced. The government of Pakistan announced the scholarship for the students who want to get the degree of PHD in foreign universities or local universities. In the Pakistan, there are many small quantities of PHD holder’s students. The degree of PHD is too tough. All the skills and experience of the life are included in PHD degree. The Chief Minister announced that if any person wants to get the admission in foreign university that kind of the students click the link and get the application form of 14 pages. In the 14 pages, students write all the important information and subject details.

Eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria of Chief Minister Merit scholarship is that

  • Students have the degree of Master’s in the relevant field with 60 percent marks.
  • Maximum age for the PHD scholarship is 35 years old.
  • Students / parents have the monthly income of less than 200000 Rs.
  • Students have the attested degree of previous class.

Important information

  • The scholarship is only for the students who do not pay the fee properly and they do not apply any other scholarship for the same discipline.
  • Students maintain their result for the future scholarship.
  • Males and females can apply for the scholarship.
  • If any female is in the position of pregnancy then the government only pays the expenses of student not their family members.
  • This scholarship is only funded.
  • The important thing is that first the students apply for the visa and university admission.

Important documents

The list of important documents is as follows like

  • ID card
  • Passport copy
  • Visa Copy
  • University admission email or letter
  • Electricity bill
  • Pay slip of any office work
  • Bank statement
  • Thesis copy
  • Previous degree with verification

How to apply

  • Students download the scholarship form with stamp paper and other documents like instruction form, address form, documents information form, bank information.
  • After that student submit the form to the office for CMMS.

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