Check Online CNIC Id Card Verification & Detail Bio Data

Now all the citizens of the Pakistan can verify their ID card without going NADRA office. The government of the Pakistan and the NADRA department decided that they introduce the new technology in which the person can check their verification and the other documents online. Every country has a unique id in the world. In the Pakistan all the other religion person and the other persons like Sikh and the Hindu and the Christian have the national ID card.

Online Facilities from the NADRA

You can verify many documents from the NADRA online. The list is as follows

  • CNIC
  • Child registration certificate
  • Pakistan origin card
  • Family registration certificate

There are four cards and the registration that are used in the Pakistan. If any person born in the home the family members registered their child with the Union council and then after holding the name they do registration in the NADRA department.

In the family registration certificate, all the family details like sons and the daughter and the name and the father name and the date of the birth and the address and the other information are mentioned.

How to verification

  • The department of the NADRA announced the simple way to check the verification from the NADRA without any waiting.
  • The person click the link that are mentioned on the below of the page and then the person saw the online portal that are issued by the NADRA.
  • The persons do the registration for the portal if they are new in the portal.
  • After the registration the person click the option of the verification.
  • After that the person saw the four options that are CNIC and the CRC and the POC and the FRC.
  • The person selects the desired option and then the person enters the debit or the credit card number because 50 SR is charges for the online verification.
  • Then the person enters the ID card number and the card issuance date.
  • After one second the overall detail and the verification status are mentioned on the page.

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