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Horticulture is, at the most basic level, the science or art of cultivating fruits, vegetables, flowers, or ornamental plants. Etymologically, the term can be broken down into two Latin words: hortus (meaning “garden”) and cultus (which means “tilling”). Master Gardeners are well-versed in this field, but its full definition actually extends beyond what we would normally think of as gardening or agriculture.

The corresponding adjective to this noun is “horticultural.” Meanwhile, if you are someone who works in this field, then you are said to be a “horticulturist.”

Careers opportunities in Horticulture

In fact, the number of career paths open to you after you have received a degree in horticulture are too numerous to list in full. But here is a sampling:

  • Working with the public at an arboretum or botanical garden
  • Teaching the subject (courses at a college or outreach at a county extension office)
  • Running a business in which plants or produce are sold
  • Designing arrangements at a florist shop
  • Keeping the grass green and lush at a golf course
  • Working as a lawn care technician
  • Maintaining the landscape for a park
  • Working as a plant developer
  • Conducting research into plants for a college, for the government, or for a business

What type of career in horticulture that you choose will depend on a variety of factors. For example, if you see yourself as more of a studious sort than as a people person, it would make more sense for you to pursue work in research or in plant development than as a tour guide for a botanical garden. Some careers in horticulture (for example, teaching the subject at a university) will demand that you earn a graduate degree.


If you want to know about the Scope of horticulture in Pakistan then you have actually reached at the right destination. By defining the term of horticulture it is all about the branch that deals with the study of the agricultural of the cultivation of the vegetables all along with the flowers and ornamental plants. In simple words we would say that this field is basically about the field of biology or the agriculture that is related with the vegetable and plants of the garden. You can call it a science and also the art too. Now without wasting any time let’ talk about the scope and employment options for the horticulture students in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, you would be finding that with the passage of time there is a huge importance that is being given to the subject study of the horticulture subject. Majority of the educational colleges and universities are offering this subject study at the bachelor, masters and also on the MHPIL and PHD level ground. On the international ground as well, it is best in giving out the students with the greater opportunities of the employment for the students.


  • Work and conduct research in the disciplines of plant propagation and cultivation, crop production, plant breeding and genetic engineering, plant biochemistry and plant physiology.
  • Generally work with fruits, berries, nuts, vegetables, flowers, trees, shrubs and turfs.
  • Work to improve crop yield, quality, nutritional value, resistance to insects, diseases and environmental stresses.
  • Work in postharvest shelf life and quality management of cut flowers, in vitro improvement of flower crops as well as in protective cultivation of flower crops.
  • Maintenance of parks, public gardens, official lawns etc. They work in botanical gardens and supervise the complete operation. They decide what, when and where to plant and determine ideal methods for planting and preservation.


Average salary starts from 20000 and end at 100000