October 1, 2020
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Management information system is an integrated set of component or entities that interact to achieve a particular function, objective or goal. Therefore it is a computer based system that provides information for decisions making on planning, organizing and controlling the operation of the sub-system of the firm and provides a synergistic organization in the process.MIS is not new, only the computerization is new , before computers MIS techniques existed to supply managers with the information that would permit them to plan and control business operations. The computer has added on more dimensions such as speed, accuracy and increased volume of data that permit the consideration of more alternatives in decision-making process. The lifespan of most product has continued getting shorter and shorter and therefore the challenge to the manager is to design product that will take a longer shelf life and in order to do this, the manager must be able to keep abreast of the factors that influences the organization product and services thus, management information system come in handy in supporting the process. There are huge amount of information available to today’s manager and this had therefore meant that managers are increasingly relying on management information system to access the exploding information. Management information services helps manager to access relevant, accurate, up-to-date information which is the more sure way of making accurate decisions. It also helps in automation and incorporation of research and management science techniques into the overall management information system for example probability theory. The management information services are capable of taking advantage of the computational ability of the company like processing, storage capacity among others


Management has been define in process or activities that describe what managers do in the operation for their organization plan, organize, initiate and control operations.Data must be distinguished from information and the distinction is clear and important for present purpose. The system concept of MIS is, therefore one of optimizing the output of the organization by connecting the operating subsystems through the medium of information exchange. Though there are a number of definitions all of them converge on a single point, i.e. the MIS is a system that support the decision-making function of the organization.

The difference lies in defining the elements of MIS. However, in today’s world, the MIS is a computerized business processing system generating information for the people in the organization to meet the information needs for decision-making to achieve the corporate objective of the organization.Modern management system relies on MIS, the complexity of business management and competitive nature of business requires handling of business operations with skill and foresight to advert the crisis. The management process is executed through a variety of decisions taken at each step of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, coordinating and controlling. If the management is able to spell out the decision required to be taken, then the MIS is designed suitably. Given that MIS Managers typically have a six-figure salary, the educational requirements for this position are fairly extensive. Most employers seek candidates who have their Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Information Technology.