Cadet College Panu Aaqal 8th Class Admission 2022

The cadet college Panu aaqal admission for 8th class session 2022-2023 has been announced. Students who want to take admission and get the admission form follow our links. In which you have the admission form and the prospectus and all types the information for about admission. The cadet college in Pakistan is one of the best college for related military. Every years many thousands a student are take admission in the cadet college in different classes. the cadet college also give the different programs for the candidates.

Cadet College Panu Aaqal 8th Class Admission 2022

How can I apply for admission:

The admission form and the prospectus of the cadet college price is 2000. The prospectus will be purchase from these cadet college campuses;

  • Shankar campus
  • Ladhkana campus
  • Shirpur campus
  • Shikarpur campus
  • Mirpur khas campus
  • Nawaz shah campus
  • Hyderabad campus
  • Karachi campus
  • Lahore campus
  • Multan campus
  • Quetta campus

The admission form twelfth prospectus also be download of the college website. The demand draft must be tested by the principal, collage Panu aaqal before to send. The candidate send their prospectus and admission form with fees by self and also be sent on the postal address of the cadet college.

Modern teaching environment:

The cadet college provide the highly qualified and highly educated teachers. Ki college teachers have the PHD degrees and M.Phil. degrees and also high degrees that can be easily handle and teach the students. the teachers are very cooperative for students and the  guardians.

Military discipline:

There is no directive for about the military discipline is very hard in cadet college ok added schools. The first think that the cadet institute important for there is the discipline. There are much costly fine if someone break the rule of the cadet college. The mean of cadet college is the percent are very hardly trained himself in discipline. The life of data a person is very well disciplined because the institute treated demo for the military discipline rules.

Skills development:

The skills development is improved in a cadet college. The cadet college teach their students not only education but also other one in which skill development is necessary. The students of this military cadet college learnt much more than any other standard institute. They learn how to talk for someone, they learn how to eat with discipline and nicely, they learn the dressing and get up styles. And the instituted teach their students how to manage their life with well and good discipline. In skill improvement the candidate in this cadet college have learn that type skills

  • Improvement of language
  • Improvement of basic manners
  • Improvement in discipline

Self defence techniques:

If the name of cadet college and self difference technique was not with this name that is impossible. The cadet college also teach their student how to save himself from other enemies. They trained the highly skilled self defense techniques. In which these student it take 4 short time karate, boxing and some other self-defense games.

Latest sports facilities:

The latest spot facilities also be available in this institute. The student not only can achieve the only degree of education but also be have everything who you necessary in life. there are different sports in the cadet college in which

  • Swimming
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Squash
  • Badminton

The sports is very good for the physical health. The student who take admission in cadet college the physical fitness must be perfect for every candidate.  therefore the sports activity are found in every  cadet college.

Quality living area:

In this institute the students came from all over Pakistan. Therefore the cadet college create its on hostel system. The living quality is perfect for the students who you are live there.

Date and time of the entry test:

The entry test take in Sunday on the date of 24th January 2022 in cadet Pannu aaqal college examination hall. The last date of the sent admission form is 15 January 2022. If the student it sent late there fees mean the student send admission form of the 15 January 2022 other chance available for student. 1000 rupees can collected by the institute those student who send their form after 15 January 2022. The second last date is 22 January 2022.

For more detail about the admission and the method of entry test please contact with cadet college admission office.

The content number is=071-5700702    cell# is 0315-2520530

The website is=

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