Cadet College Karampur Admission 2021 Eligibility Criteria

This is one of the most highly ranked college. This is affliated and recognized by the   HEC and by the Army council. There are many students who want to get admission in this college. The cadet college announced the date and the time of admission for the students who want to get admission in the 6th and the 8th class. It is located in the centre of the kandkot.

Cadet College Karampur Admission 2021

Qualities of this college:-

  • The atmosphere of the college is calm.
  • There are the most advanced and the modern labs are Introduced for the senior Student.
  • The college is under the supervision of the army .
  • There is the fees concession for the students who belong to air force family.
  • The admission is totally in the basis of open merit.
  • There are many other students who wants to get admission here in this college the admission are open for everyone .

Eligibility criteria:-

  • The students who want to get get admission here in the 6th class there age is to be 11-13 years old .
  • The students who want to get admission in the 8th class the age of the students is to be of 12-15 years old.

Schedule of the admission:-

  • The admission form can be downloaded from our website.
  • The last date of the submission of the admission form is 12 March 2021.
  • The date of the entry test is 14 March 2021.
  • The prospectus can also be downloaded from our website.
  • The fees of the prospectus is 1000 by hand and 1500 if it is for the demand draft.
  • There are the students who get to know about the college can log into the website.
  • The entry test also Conducted for the students who are in the 8th and the 6th class.
  • The bank challan form is submitted to the head office and it is paid by the nearby bank.
  • The application are submitted on the head office which is located on the karampur kandhkot.
  • The office for admission help can be seen in the main campus of this cadet college .

To check the information about the college and the staff and all the other things log in to our website to get the information about the admission.

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